SECURE: Intelligent System for Early Diagnosis and Follow-up at Home

The Lombardy Region
has made great efforts towards remote monitoring at home of fragile patients suffering from chronic diseases. In this scenario, the goal of the SECURE project is:
  • the design, prototype development and testing of an innovative system for remote monitoring of physiological parameters and execution of daily living activities, in order to support early detection of cognitive impairment, remote control, and clinical decision support.
The project includes the development of a prototype system allowing both to monitor the fragile patient in its usual daily living activities, and to identify, at its onset, every critical event as the result of progressive changes in the parameters that may be predictive of a risk condition.

The system can detect behavioral and clinical markers of fundamental importance for the early diagnosis and effective management of mild cognitive impairment. By enabling the monitoring of the patient in his/her own home, the system can continuously monitor the ability in performing instrumental activities in an ecological context.